From our loving homes to yours


We take pride in the health and well being of our fur babies.  We have always loved animals and taking care of them is our passion.  We have been breeding/co-breeding many different breeds of dogs since the 90's and have been proud owners of many different pets our whole life.  We take pride in providing a nurturing and safe environment for our pets.  

We are exclusively breeding/co-breeding Bernedoodles, but plan on branching out to other exotic doodle hybrids in the near future.  We love the doodle hybrids, and are breeding/co-breeding for excellent temperaments, intelligence, health, low-shedding, and unique colors.  

Our babies go home at 8-12 weeks of age. They have their first round of vaccinations, and are treated every two weeks for intestinal parasites.

We will work with the puppies to learn basic manners (chewing on appropriate things, not biting hands, crate training and beginning house training.)


To ensure the health and well being of our fur babies, Pacific Doodles has established a network of home based hobby breeders.  Our network of home based breeders ensures that your puppy is raised in a loving home, along side adults and children.  This setting supports the emotional and physical well-being of the puppies.  It further promotes  pro-social puppy behavior and prepares the puppy for transition into a loving forever home.  Our co-breeding network includes family members, and friends.  So, you can be confident that your fur baby is raised in a comfortable loving home.  

For Co-Breeding opportunities please email us

Pacific Doodles Paw Print Genetics

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