What is a Berenedoodle like? 

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a gentle giant.  The breed is well known for being gentle, intelligent, loyal, great with kids, excellent temperament and works well with other pets.  The only downside we find with purebred Bernese Mountain Dogs is the shedding and slobbering, which can cause problems for people with allergies. That's why we breed the Bernedoodles- the Poodle mix eliminates most of the shedding and slobbering found in Bernese Mountain Dogs. Poodles are also smart and protective, but not aggressive. The combination of the two breeds makes for the perfect family pet.  The Bernedoodle is a fun, athletic, and highly social breed.  They are very similar to the Goldendoodle but more loyal and laid back.  

What size is a Bernedoodle? 

The Bernedoodle sizing varies, depending on the parents genetics. The standards range from 65 lbs and up, the minis from 50 lbs and under, and our micros at 25 lbs. and under 

What colors do Bernedoodles come in? 

Bernedoodles are either solid colors, bi-colors, phantom, parti or tri colored.  They do come in other colors but these are the most common.  The Tri-color markings, which is the most desirable, is not always a guarantee.  This is why we request a secondary color choice. 

What are Bernedoodles coats like? 

Most Bernedoodles have long wavy coats that shed minimally.  Curly coats are also very common and these shed very little, like the poodles coat, and they are great for allergy sufferers.  Straight coat Bernedoodles are less common and they tend to shed more than wavy-or curly coated Bernedoodles. 

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